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In his book, "Eric is Winning", Eric Edney talks about beating the 2-5 year odds of ALS with organic, no MSG or other chemicals foods, avoiding all toxins, but especially heavy metals like lead and mercury. He is alive more than 14 years beyond his diagnosis and shares his experience in his book, where he talks about others who have lived over 30 years beyond diagnosis on detox programs. He speaks extensively of returning to the proper body balance and how it's all about knowing the underlying causes (toxins!!); no longer allowing them into the body; and taking measures to eliminate toxins that are there. He's the first to state that there is no one "right" way, but many paths to the same end. That said, however, he states that there is no getting around a 100% pure organic diet, free of chemical additives!

In fact, a story was told in Reader's Digest some years ago about a WWII soldier sent home to die with incurable cancer - the doctors said there's was nothing more that could be done. He lived on a farm in the Midwest and decided that he was going to live. He ate nothing but the produce that he grew himself (without chemicals) on his farm (he was what you might call a "poor dirt farmer" not today's high tech ways). Within a very short time when he returned to his doctor for a physical, the doctor was amazed that he could not find any trace of cancer anywhere in his body.

Getting back to looking to a wisdom higher than ourselves, call it God or call it Nature, but we need to "trust and obey". Ask a classroom of 6 year olds which is better for them, a candy bar or an apple and suddenly they're all little nutritionists, and so are you. We simply cannot put peanut butter into the gas tank of an automobile and not expect disastrous results. Likewise, the human body, all human bodies, have certain common dietary and lifestyle rules that give their body the best possible chance to equilibrate or return to a physiological balance that gives their 57 trillion cells a chance to heal. Bud Curtis wrote Remove The Thorn & God Will Heal in 1996 (Belco). This book discusses health and pollution, primarily toxicity, which he pointed out to be the major cause of illness in bowels and liver. Bud was years before his time and suffered severe harassment with his message, but his successes prevailed and his book contains testimonials of healing from removing the thorn.

Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D, has written many books on curing various diseases. She is a brilliant and dedicated scientist. Her many years of research has caused her to come to a conclusion that many in the medical profession don't appreciate and have scoffed. That is, that all diseases are caused by pollutants and/or parasites. As simple as that sounds, if you read her work, and the many testimonies of people who have followed her advice, you cannot leave without a new awareness of the initiation of disease is what was once a healthy body. Not only that, but science is also replete with evidence where a pollutant or parasite is the underlying assailant in a disease. It is my hope that we can take the wisdom from many, like Dr. Clark, who have dedicated their lives to truth and combine it all, weeding out misinformation (often based upon the desire of a drug company or individual to sell something) and come up with the wisdom and healing of nature combined with gifts that we have in science and medicine to speed up healing where damage has been so great, and where speed is of utmost importance, as in ALS.

Indeed, some disease states, like ALS, are deeper and advancing at a more rapid pace and will require seemingly heroic measures to return to a state of homeostasis. This requires a deeper understanding of the factors that are occurring in this world [the toxicities mentioned] to cause these horrific diseases in the first place. But trusting means knowing that you don't have to panic and take every supplement known to man (the "shot-gun" approach). We must get to the core of the problem and remove it. Then we will discern the most important nutritional supplements to detoxify the body, assist the brain and nervous system in proper functioning, as well as supply needed nutrients for damage repair. To prevent having the impossible expense and task of taking every nutrient known to man, we will make use of the fact that a whole foods organic diet will supply much of the nutrients needed. The supplemental nutrients we will emphasize will be those that will have a positive "drug-like" effect.

There are also modalities that also have positive, drug-like effects. One example would be the use of your own bone marrow stem cells. Many people are still not aware that your body contains it's own healing stem cells, residing mostly in your bone marrow. Your stem cells are there to go to the site of injury and heal it. And your stem cells are only one of many healing mechanisms within your body.

KEEP IN MIND AT ALL TIMES the most important things to be addressed with ALS and all neurological diseases (so that the body can heal) REMOVE:

What CAUSES Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis?

Diseases can each be like their own thousand piece puzzle. By carefully and painstakingly putting together as many pieces as possible, a clearer or even lucid picture emerges. Unfortunately the puzzle pieces are often obtained from so many diverse sources, that they are either hidden from us altogether, or "fed" to us in bits and pieces...and no clear picture is available. Imagine taking a thousand pieces of a puzzle, putting them in a bag, shaking the bag up, and simply removing a few pieces at a time and trying to discern what the entire picture is. All too often, this is what is happening when a doctor "tries" a drug on his patient; or a patient "tries" a supplement from a health food store - without any knowledge of or confidence in what you are doing.

Then there is the "what if" factor to medicine. This is where you have the story of two cancer patients. One lives years beyond her prognosis by changing her diet or trying some natural modalities - but when she dies, perhaps even years beyond expected, it makes front-page news - unfortunately the news is that "natural" medicine doesn't work. The other goes the "medical route" 100%, trusting doctors, who may not even be completely sure that what they are doing will even work, but hope, of course, that it will. This woman, perhaps, dies without an fanfare in the expected number of years. Doctors say, "we did everything we could." But did they?

In regenerative medicine, the goal is to get to the bottom, or underlying cause of a disease, utilize detoxification measures, and then rebuild the body. Utilizing safe and natural methods to combat pollutants and parasites is imperative. Currently, orthodox medicine does not look to the underlying factor so much as to the effects of these factors, and then most often employs a powerful drug or therapy (like cutting out damaged tissue) in an attempt to counteract symptoms. To those of us who are continuously looking for the underlying cause of a disease, this just doesn't make sense. Yet the "what if" factor plays upon people's fear of the unknown. "What if" I go "natural", vs. "what if" I hand myself over the medicine. Unfortunately too many, because of sheer ignorance, don't at least try "Nature" first. All too often they come to me after medicine has failed, and it's often too late. Yet a medical doctor can prescribe medicines that have been "sanctioned" by governing agencies, and be immune from any blame should the medicine not work - and worse, cause damage or death.

Truly, every human being needs to make up their own mind which way they want to go. One way puts complete faith in medicine and the medical profession; the other way necessitates that a person educate themselves as to how the human body works, what is and is not working according to scientific studies, as well as with groups of people or even individuals. In Personalized Regenerative Medicine we dare to go where "no man has dared to go before" . We make every effort to pull together the scientific data (that which was done under controlled conditions, by sanctioned scientists); clinical data (that which was done with on a group of subjects usually, by health and science personnel, with careful collection of the results of their study); anecdotal data (that which is reported by individuals or groups stating what they have observed) and even speculative data (when anyone notes, for example, that if 1+1 = 2 over there, perhaps 1+1 will also equal 2 when we apply it in this different circumstance). With this information, it appears clear to us that we can generate a powerful picture of the underlying causal factors for ALS to generate a hypothesis (a proposal) as to what needs to be done to counteract that which caused and continues to cause ALS. At the same time we can be far more discerning as to why a certain drug or extreme diet may have "helped" ALS patients for a time, but may or may not be the way to a long term plan for living 14 to 30 years longer than the typical 2-5 year prognosis.

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