Reduce symptoms in Epilepsy

Approximately 1% of the population has epilepsy. While most patients gain control of their seizures from medications, those with intractable focal epilepsies may respond to umbilical cord stem cells.

Seizures have numerous underlying causes. One such cause could be an attempt of the brain to increase neurogenesis (the development of new neurons and/or neural growth factors) for the repair and replacement of dead or dysfunctional brain cells. Multipotent cord stem cells have the ability to stimulate regenerative processes in the brain, either directly or through the release of neural growth factors.

There have been three patients who were treated with umbilical cord stem cells in Mexico who reported that their seizures were significantly reduced in number and severity within 30 days of the treatment. Medications were correspondingly reduced and in some cases, no longer needed. Adenosine release from stem cell implants has also been reported to significantly reduce seizures in rat models of epilepsy. In addition, there is research support for the use of cord stem cells transfected with the genes of deficient neurotransmitters such as GABA, or deficient peptides such as galanin or neuropeptide Y. Click here for research on epilepsy and stem cell therapy.

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